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Graduate School of Management and Information of Innovation

Acquire practical management skills with the flexibility to keep up with changing technology

In recent years, a global information revolution, such as the popularization of the Internet, is taking place and is changing the way people behave. It has become a major issue for modern society to utilize these new technologies for business and government administration. Therefore, there is a pressing call for leaders who have a strong will to innovate the management system by using Information Communication Technology. Also there is a call for engineers who can develop information systems supporting the activities of various organizations. The Graduate School of Management and Information (Division of Management and Information: Master’s program) aims to train experts who can respond to these needs. The Graduate School also offers a curriculum which can expand and deepen their knowledge of “management” and “information” for working people.

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Our program comprises the following sections

The Administration Section

This section theoretically and practically researches wide-ranging issues related to business administration.

The Public Policy Section

This section researches issues related to public administration, nonprofit organization management, town development on a regional scale, and the management of medical and welfare institutions.

The Information, Mathematics and Systems Science Section

This section researches practical technologies based on mathematical science and information engineering in order to develop information systems for supporting corporations, local governments and industries.
Students belong to one of sections, and participate in courses in accordance with each section’s curriculum. However students are allowed to participate in courses of different sections in order to use them to research interdisciplinary issues.

Day & Evening Program and Distance Learning

In the Graduate School, lectures on weekdays begin at 2:40 PM or later. More than half of these lectures begin at 6:30 PM or later. Some of lectures are on Saturday. This enables working people to earn a master’s degree in two years. Students can attend lectures, which are held at the Kusanagi Campus or The Numazu Extension Center, using our advanced teleconference system, if they wish.

Center for Regional Management Studies

The Center for Regional Management Studies, established in 2004 as a research institute of the Graduate School of Administration and Informatics, offers open lectures for returning adults in Numazu, Shizuoka, and Hamamatsu in order to return our intellectual resources about education and research to the regional society at large. The Center is also planning and offering seminars, including those on management of medical and welfare institutions, for various companies.