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School of Management and Information

What is Management and Information?


The School of Management and Information aims to produce good leaders who can properly manage various organizations including business corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and medical institutions using information and communication technologies (ICT). In order to achieve this goal, we offer an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines business administration with mathematical statistics and information sciences.

Students develop their ability to make business decisions based on objective numerical data instead of seat-of-the-pants management by taking courses in mathematical statistics. Students also study how to utilize ICT for various management issues, and acquire planning and development skills of information systems to encourage management innovations by taking courses in information sciences.

Student voices


Seminar Class on Marketing and Commercial Science
Now I am concentrating on research projects in our seminar class. Our seminar researches marketing in which I had an interest. I think the most attractive thing about our seminar is that it promotes practical education. The followings are just a few examples of our activities: entry to business planning competitions; a business-academia collaborative project in which we operate a retail shop with Japan Agricultural cooperatives; a project to support retail shops by consulting with us. There are many chances to interact with working people. I feel these experiences lead me to better understanding of theories in books and had a positive effect on me. There were difficult times due to my lack in experience when I had first joined these projects. But I think this is how we can get practical skills.


Seminar Class on Corporate Strategy and Administrative Organization
In the School we literally learn about administration and informatics every day. During first and second year, students are required to participate in compulsory subjects, such as English language, commercial bookkeeping, information literacy, computer programming, mathematics and business administration. After that we will take specialized subjects. In our junior year, we have to choose a seminar class in order to learn in more depth about our areas of interest. I joined a seminar class on business administration I wanted to attend. In our seminar class, we aim to acquire practical knowledge and skills as well as theories through reading and discussing the literature on corporate strategy and case studies.