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Introduction of University of Shizuoka in “Nature,” the international journal of science

University of Shizuoka is introduced in the article “Spotlight Shizuoka” in Nature’s 2nd December, 2010 issue. This article spotlights on our research activities in health-longevity science with focuses on “Yaku-Shoku Dogen*1” and “Shoku-Yaku Yugou*2”, participation in Food Science Hills Project, and our collaboration with local industries in the FSH program “From Shizuoka to the World : Research and development of next-generation bottled tea drinks and tea extracts.”

*1 'Medicine and Food, Sharing a Common Origin'
*2 ’Infusion of Medicine and Food’

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*Click to open articles titled ”A local destination for world-leading research,” and “Made in Fuji Country.”