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May 22, 2015: Game Lab / Seminar Open Gaming Night

Let’s play games together ! -Game Lab at the University of Shizuoka-

Anyone is welcome to join us for a night of board games, video games, ... many kinds of games!
We'll happily teach you one of our favorite games..

Location: 3110 (1st floor, International Relations building)
Time: 6pm - 9pm (5/22, 2015)
For: High school students, University students, Adults
Other: No need to contact us or register; just show up. It's free, of course!

At the event (a mix of fun and learning and community), you will be able to:
1. Learn about and play many unique games (these are not the "roll and move" games of your childhood!)
2. Experience the positive social aspects of gaming (meeting new people, getting to know each other, joking around, competing and cooperating, discussing strategy!)
3. Practice your English skills (or Japanese skills, for foreign students!)
4. Learn about the Game Lab and Seminar projects

Games we will be bringing and teaching (Please check the event information page below. You can see photos of the games.):
Incan Gold / Banana Grams / Little Big Planet 1 / Article 27 / Tokaido / U Build Monopoly / Heads Up / Final Fantasy X / Cat and Chocolate / Pandemic / Qwirkle / Modern Art / Cosmic Encounters

Event Information page:
Game Lab at the University of Shizuoka: