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Participated in Economist's Japan Summit as a panelist

The Economist's Japan Summit is a session which is considered to be one of the pinnacles of economic/ political summits in Japan. This year, The Economist invited Haruhiko Kuroda (governor of Bank of Japan), Yuriko Koike, (governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government), and Katsunobu Kato (minister for promoting dynamic engagement of all citizens). Shinzo Abe (prime minister) and Hirosghige Seko (minister of economy, trade, and industry) could not participate this year due to the special Diet session. The session talked about Japan's future with various important figures from around the world.

Keynote panel: Has the third arrow become tangled in the bow?

Seijiro Takeshita, professor, School of Management and Information, University of Shizuoka
Tomohiko Taniguchi, special advisor to the cabinet of Shinzo Abe
Hisashi Yamada, chief economist, The Japanese Research Institute

Japan Summit

Prof. Takeshita