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Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors


Tasuku Honjo

The mission of a university is to enrich the cultural, scientific, and technological accomplishments of humanity through the creation of new knowledge. In such an environment, students should feel inspired and motivated to contribute to the flourishing of society.
Expanding the common cultural assets of humanity requires the creation of novel scientific knowledge of a global standard. Such knowledge naturally contributes to cultural enrichment and business development in regions close to the university.

I believe that the establishment of a stimulating intellectual environment requires three things: timeliness, geographical advantage, and harmony among people.

It is at precisely this moment in history that not only Japan but the whole world requires significant innovation. Societies everywhere are now facing serious economic, political, environmental, and cultural problems. I hope that the young people of our university will be motivated to take up the challenge of solving these global problems.

We in Shizuoka Prefecture have a strong geographical advantage, as we are located both in the middle of Japan, and so close to the country’s symbol, Mt. Fuji. Shizuoka Prefecture is also blessed with much other beautiful scenery on both its mountain and ocean sides, and with a very pleasant climate as well. In addition, thanks to its fine architecture and its proximity to the Prefectural Museum of Art, our campus has an elegant and artistic atmosphere.All of these factors combined make our university an ideal place to study and research. All of our students, faculty, and staff are expected to make their best effort to create new knowledge under these fine circumstances.

I too will do my best to take advantage of this situation and strengthen harmonious relations at our university. It is my responsibility to help make the University of Shizuoka a creative environment by understanding the wishes of the citizens of Shizuoka Prefecture, and by communicating openly with the students, faculty, and staff at our university.

Tasuku Honjo, Chairman