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Information on Industry-University Cooperation at the University of Shizuoka

What is Industry-University Cooperation?

Exterior view of school buildings at the University of Shizuoka

Since Japan aims to establish itself as a nation leading in creation of scientific technology, universities are expected to contribute to the creation of new industries and vitalize the future social economy by promoting basic research and development of cutting-edge technologies.
Universities should perceive such expectations and requests from society as one of their missions. A university’s active interaction with society, while it maintains its independence, will open a new path to vitalization and also help the emergence and development of creative academic research, which in turn will contribute to the development of universities.
Industry-university cooperation can take various forms: private companies may sponsor university research; several businesses and a university may conduct joint research that includes human resource exchanges; or faculties may provide private businesses with patents created through research achievements. Industry-university cooperation refers to these cooperative structures that enable further contribution of university research achievements to the industry.

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Office of Industry-University Cooperation
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