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Code of Conduct

University of Shizuoka Code of Conduct for Faculty Members

On April 1, 2007, the University of Shizuoka was reestablished as a school to be managed by the Shizuoka Prefectural University Corporation. The new management aims to accomplish its mid-term strategy goals in the next six years.
All faculty members are required to comply with regulations for conducting educational research activities and follow research ethics. They must perform their duties in a fair, just, and transparent manner based on common decency. By enforcing this code of conduct, the University of Shizuoka will be able to fulfill the demands of the local community and gain its trust.
We hereby establish the “Code of Conduct for Faculty Members” based on the principles and objectives of the University of Shizuoka. We declare that every faculty member will make constant efforts to adhere to this Code of Conduct.

Respect for Human Rights
We shall respect the character and human rights of each individual faculty member and student, deal with infringements in a strict manner, and make utmost efforts to maintain a wholesome and dynamic environment.

Rejection of Discrimination and Harassment
We shall treat each individual with respect in any situation regardless of race, gender, social status, religion, or other individual differences. Furthermore, we shall not take advantage of superior positions as faculty member and we shall refrain from all activities that may be disadvantageous to others.

Cooperation with Students
We shall work in cooperation with students, who are a crucial part of the academic community, to create a free and dynamic campus environment.

Providing Students with Academic and Health Support
We shall provide, maintain, and improve a safe academic environment and facilities to support the academic and physical health of students.

Compliance with Regulations and Research Ethics
When conducting research and related activities, we shall strictly comply with all relevant laws and university regulations, as well as the ethical code concerning gene modification and animal testing.

Prevention of Fraudulent Acts in Academic Research
We shall not allow fabrication, falsification, forgery, or any other fraudulent acts in research, nor take part in the aforementioned. We shall conduct research activities in an ethical, honest, and humble manner.

Presentation of Research Achievements
We shall present research achievements only with adequate consent from all research members.

Appropriate Use of Research Funds
We shall accord the utmost respect to the utilization of research funds including funds from external sources. We shall comply with the funding requirements established for individual research funds and use the research funds appropriately.

Consideration of Environment and Safety
We shall handle all materials that may be harmful to the school’s environment and safety only with the approval of authorities both within and outside the University. Further, we will promote the formation of an “eco-campus” through environment conservation and resource protection activities.

Adherence to Confidentiality and Privacy
We shall strictly adhere to the confidentiality of all information obtained by the management and academic staff and protect all personal information.

Supplementary Provisions
1. This Code of Conduct is effective as of July 26, 2007.
2. Any modification of, or deletions from, this Code of Conduct shall be implemented by the President of the University of Shizuoka after proceedings at the University of Shizuoka Educational Research Council.