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Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Kazuo Oike

Responding to the expectations of students coming to Shizuoka area from various regions of Japan and from around the world, we will secure the safety of the university life. I would like to encourage students who live university life.

Thousands people graduated in the history of the Shizuoka Prefectural University Corporation have been active in and out of the prefecture. From the Shizuoka Women's Pharmaceutical School as a source, the university has a history of women's higher education from the early stage, and also there is a philosophy of the university that is proud of the people of Shizuoka prefecture.

Shizuoka is located in the center of the Japanese archipelago where four plates converge. There are large-scale natural phenomena such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami,etc. in the archipelago, and we live in the rich blessing of such nature.

From such point of view, Shizuoka Prefecture is a very distinctive area. Mt.Fuji is Japan's largest active volcano with height and mountain size. It is an active young volcano that grew rapidly in recent 100 thousands years. On the other hand, Suruga Bay reaches the deepest water depth of 2,500 m, which is the deepest bay in Japan. Such feature of nature has brought up Shizuoka's rich ground.

In the wonderful natural environment of Shizuoka prefecture, I hope that students will be able to greatly enjoy their university life and graduate as a person who can transmit the charm of Shizuoka prefecture to the world together with learning outcomes.