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Message from the President

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Kazuo Oike

Fully capitalizing on the results of research conducted at this institution, the University provides a place in which to learn so that students can enter society in the future and so that they can devise ways to solve various problems. In addition, the University contributes to local development by turning research results into tangible advances that society can actually benefit from. To that end, the University is looking to partner with other universities in the prefecture and throughout the rest of Japan as well as universities overseas.

Shizuoka Prefecture, where the University is located, is in the center of the Japanese islands at the juncture of four tectonic plates. The prefecture is blessed with a warm climate and abundant nature. This area extends from the summit of Mt. Fuji and the central mountain region to satoyama [areas with traditional agricultural practices in harmony with mountains and woodlands] and the Suruga Trough. This area is also home to the Izu Peninsula, which has shifted south after Honshu settled in its current position. We would ask that you experience and enjoy these natural blessings during your studies.

The University is predicated not on students passively being taught but on students actively learning by themselves. The University seeks to train students who can identify a problem without a predetermined answer and who can solve that problem themselves. When you want to know something, you thoroughly investigate the topic. This leads to new knowledge, which is combined with knowledge from the past to produce human wisdom. This wisdom will be a major asset for students who have gleaned that knowledge themselves.

My hope is that you will be healthy throughout your life, that you will continue to learn throughout your life, and that you will always endeavor to increase your knowledge. I would like for you develop the ability to achieve those goals in the fertile environment of the University, and I hope you enjoy your time as a student while making lifelong friends.