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Message from the President

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Hiroshi Kito

The University of Shizuoka was founded in 1987 in Yada, Shizuoka City, from where majestic Mt. Fuji can be seen. As Shizuoka Prefecture’s highest institution of learning, the University has been a center for advanced education and research, and has contributed to the local and global community ever since then.

One of the unique aspects of the University is the highly fruitful research in the area of health and longevity sciences. One of the most prominent examples is research into tea, a product which Shizuoka Prefecture is best known for. The research on tea at the University is undertaken with the goal of informing the world at large about what makes green tea such an engaging commodity, not just from a scientific perspective but from a cultural perspective as well.

Discussions of the future development of Japan should focus on the goal of achieving a “mature society.” Japan is at a point where it must place priorities not just on economic growth and material wealth, but on the quality of life of each of its people.

To cultivate human resources who can enrich society in the coming years, we at the University of Shizuoka are committed to bringing together knowledge from all of our schools―Pharmaceutical Sciences, Food and Nutritional Sciences, International Relations, Management and Information, and Nursing―to provide superior educations and conduct research of high academic value.

Shizuoka Prefecture possesses the potential to achieve development on a global scale, especially since Mt. Fuji was inscribed in 2013 on UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list. We at the University are making concerted efforts to attract students and researchers from other countries so that we can become a stronger force propelling international exchange between Shizuoka Prefecture and the rest of the world.