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Some frequently asked questions are listed below.

Q. Where can I purchase the postal money order needed to pay the entrance examination fee?

A. You can purchase one at any post office in Japan (a fee is required in addition to the entrance examination fee of 17,000 yen). Since you cannot purchase one without a Japanese address, applicants residing overseas should ask a friend, acquaintance, or other party in Japan to purchase one. Contact the Entrance Examination Office if it is not possible to have another party purchase one for you.

Q. Can I receive the examination admission ticket overseas?

A. We will send the admission ticket by Express Mail Service (EMS) only. Since postal rates vary depending on the country or region of delivery, contact the Entrance Examination Office in advance. (For example, receiving the ticket in South Korea requires 1400 yen in international reply coupons [11 coupons] or Japanese postal stamps.)

Q. What should I do if I have taken the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) in the second session and there is a possibility that my score report will not arrive during the application period? (Applies only to those taking the entrance examinations who will be privately funded international students.)

A. Please contact the Entrance Examination Office as soon as possible prior to the application period.

Q. How can I obtain questions from past examinations?

A. Questions from past examinations are available at the counter in the Entrance Examination Office or by post. To request them by post, send a size-2 rectangular return envelope (240 mm wide by 332 mm long), with 140 yen in stamps affixed and the recipient’s name and address written on it, to the Entrance Examination Office. Enclose in the envelope a note indicating the department and type of entrance examination for which you request past questions (for example, “Examination questions from entrance examination for privately funded international students in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences”) and the name and telephone number of the requester. Note that questions from past examinations do not include the correct answers. If you also desire the correct answers, see how to request them on the University website or ask the Entrance Examination Office.

Q. Please tell me about visas.

A. See the “About visa” page for details.

Q. How many international students are enrolled at the University?

A. See the “Fact and figures” page for details.

Q. Does the university offer English-based degree programs?

A. The university doesn't offer such programs at the moment.

Q. What kinds of scholarships are available?

A. Students may use the University’s own independent scholarships, Japan Student Services Organization scholarships, scholarships from local businesses and others, and scholarships from private scholarship organizations. See the “Scholarships” page for details.

Q. Are dormitories available?

A. The University does not have dormitories. Please use nearby apartments. While the Student Affairs Office does provide information for students desiring to rent apartments or room and board, it does not provide mediation services.

Q. Please tell me about tuition.

A. See the “Tuition fees” page for details.

Q. Please tell me about tuition reductions and waivers.

A. See the “Tuition fees” page for details.

Q. I am a graduate. How can I request issue of a graduation certificate?

A. See the “Certificates” page for details.