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Safety Confirmation System

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Using the safety information system

Students, faculty, and staff are requested to use the safety information system through the procedures below to report on their safety in the event of an earthquake with a seismic intensity of “strong 5” or higher in Shizuoka Prefecture.

From your smartphone, mobile phone, personal computer, or other device, access: http://anpi.shizuoka.jp/
There is a link to the safety information system on the homepage of the University website. You can also access it using the two-dimensional bar code below. Please bookmark the URL of the safety information system on your smartphone or other advice so that you can report on your safety quickly in an emergency.

Safety Confirmation System

You can find the following screen is displayed to check “Notices from the University”, and you need to put your safety information into the form. We insert some information to ask you notify us your safety, university devastated situation, and lecture cancellation on the system.

  1. Put into student ID number(7 figures) or teacher ID number(8 figures). If your number is 6 figures, you need to put “00” before your ID number.
  2. Put into your birthday.
  3. Check your safety situation.
  4. You can write some comment (limited 120 words) if necessary.
  5. Push the register button.

Safety Confirmation System