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About Visa

Necessary procedures for Visa before entering University of Shizuoka
You need, in principle, to obtain "college student" visa to enter University of Shizuoka. To get the visa, you need to follow the necessary procedures for Visa such as obtain the "Certificate of Eligibility" from an Immigration Bureau in Japan. It might take more than 3 months to obtain “college student” visa accordingly. Please let us know immediately if you will need to obtain “college student” visa before coming to Japan. Please refer to the following procedures for visa.

1. To obtain the "Certificate of Eligibility" from an Immigration Bureau in Japan

You need the certificate from an Immigration Bureau in Japan, and please refer to Ministry of Justice on website for necessary documents.
Among the necessary documents, University of Shizuoka provides the "Application Form for Certificate of Eligibility (For Organization)". If you need the "Application Form of Certificate of Eligibility (For Organization)" please contact student affairs office in charge of International student staff.
Please note that "Acceptance Letter" will be issued only after you complete the admission procedures (including all necessary payments). For those who need to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility prior to completing the admission procedures, University of Shizuoka may issue "Certificate of Acceptance" if it deems to be necessary.
University of Shizuoka applies for the Certificate of Eligibility in lieu of its students.

2. To obtain “college student” visa

Once you obtain the Certificate of Eligibility, please apply for a "college student" visa at an embassy of Japan in your country or an immigration bureau in Japan. It normally takes one week to be issued (if there is no problem) but it may vary in each embassy and immigration bureau. Please contact the embassy or immigration bureau and confirm what documents are necessary before you submit your application. Please also note that your obtaining "Certificate of Eligibility" does not guarantee the issuance of the "college student" visa.

Procedure flowchart

Requirement document

  1. application form
    ⇒Please fill out the form.
  2. pictures(4cm X 3cm)
    ⇒Please put on the application form.
  3. Remittance agreement
    ⇒This is a document certifies you have a supporter for your living expenses during you stay in Japan (i.g. your father, mother, or relatives)
    ⇒Please ask your supporter to fill in the document.
  4. Bank statement
    ⇒It certifies you have enough money to stay in Japan. You may obtain from your bank. This certificate should be yours or your parent’s.
  5. Copy of your passport
Please send us the requirement document with PDF first so that we can check them before you send us the originals by EMS.


Coming to Japan for the Entrance Exam
Most colleges and graduate schools require applicants to complete an entrance examination at the university they wish to apply for study. Depending on nationality, a "short-term stay" visa may be required to enter Japan. Please refer to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan on website.


International Affairs Office, University of Shizuoka
+81- 54-264-5009(TEL)