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Health Support Center

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The Health Support Center was established in April 2005. It consists of three offices:
  1. Office of Health Promotion
  2. Office of Mental Care
  3. Office of Medical Treatment

The Health Support Center performs the following four functions:
  1. Maintenance and promotion of health for students and faculty members
  2. Education and research on health science
  3. Maintenance and promotion of health for local residents(residents of Shizuoka Prefecture)
  4. A regional base for evacuation in the case of emergencies
Mental care and counseling for students’ interpersonal relationships and academic issues are our main function. The Center staff members listen carefully to students’ troubles and anxieties, and provide advice to encourage students to overcome difficulties using their own strengths.
The Office of Health Promotion has several of the latest equipment for instant health checkups. Health advice can be provided depending on the results.
The Office also offers Yoga lessons and lectures on subjects such as lifestyle diseases.
The Office of Health Promotion offers health checkups for local residents every Friday morning.