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Information Technology Center

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The Information Technology Center was established in April 2005 in order to revitalize education and research by utilizing an information system and to manage and operate the administration system.
A high-speed network is installed on-campus and is connected to the Internet. Under the guidance of the faculty, students may use the campus network and the Internet at any time.
An e-mail address is assigned to each University of Shizuoka student. A reliable and easy-to-use e-mail program is provided for students so that they can send and receive e-mails anywhere on- and off-campus.
While the use of an electronic network, especially Internet use, largely contributes to the revitalization of education and research, it also increases the risk of compromising the reliability of the University’s information system.
The Information Technology Center continually works to reduce such risks. As a countermeasure for hacking, the Center has installed a firewall(between the external and internal networks). To minimize the risks of virus infection, the Center provides up-to-date antivirus software, and encourages and promotes its usage.