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Information on Industry-University Cooperation at the University of Shizuoka

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Contributing to the community, collaborating with industry and government

A key role of the University of Shizuoka is contributing to the community and collaborating with industry and government. In 2019, the University created its “Organization to Promote Innovation in the Shadow of Mt. Fuji” in order to foster promising personnel through education and training in conjunction with the local community and to contribute to community growth by passing on the results of academic research. Planning is carried out by the C ommittee for Community Contribution and Collaboration with Industry and Government, which is chaired by the President of the University. The “Mirai Education and Training Center in the Shadow of Mt. Fuji” implements projects to contribute to the community. The Headquarters to Promote Collaboration between Industry and Academia implements projects involving collaboration with industry and government. The creation of this new organization has further promoted interdisciplinary research in the humanities and sciences within the university, has fostered personnel who are passing on the results of research and training to the community, and has promoted efforts to contribute to the community and to collaborate with industry and government.

Major achievements

Cooperation among industry, academia, nonprofit organizations, and government has produced substantial results.

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