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Information on Industry-University Cooperation at the University of Shizuoka

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Cooperation among industries, academia, nonprofit organizations and government

The University of Shizuoka conducts collaborative research programs and contracted research with corporate, national, and public research institutions, and actively cooperates with the Shizuoka prefectural and municipal governments as well as other universities in Japan to deliver the fruits of high-quality research and education to the people of the region. In 2008, the university established its Office for Research Collaboration and Promotion to manage the strategic development and deployment of the university's intellectual property and to enhance the university's institutional capacity to contribute to both industrial and regional development.
The University of Shizuoka is the only university in Japan that has faculties and graduate programs devoted to both the pharmaceutical and the food and nutritional sciences, making it possible to leverage this unique combination to promote research based on the twin perspectives of “the common source of drugs and food” and “the integrated use of food and drugs.” This innovative research has generated a significant amount of intellectual property that, in concert with the university's marketing and business administration research efforts, and in close cooperation with local industry and the Shizuoka prefectural and municipal governments, is making a major contribution to the creation and invigoration of new industries.

Major achievements

Cooperation among industry, academia, nonprofit organizations, and government has produced substantial results.

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