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Environmental charter

The University of Shizuoka has established an Environmental Charter to elaborate on its efforts for environment conservation.

Fundamental principles

Through all of its activities, including education and research, the University of Shizuoka strives to lessen its environmental impact and to create and sustain an enriched learning environment while also accumulating, and training graduates on, scientific knowledge related to environmental protection. By addressing environmental issues locally and in the international community, the University contributes to social progress and to sustainable coexistence between humanity and nature.


To realize these fundamental principles, all members of the University, including students, faculty, and staff, carry out the following activities.
  1. Striving to create a safe, secure environment through compliance with environmental laws and regulations, safely managing chemicals and biological materials, and properly preserving the natural environment.
  2. Striving to realize an eco-friendly campus through review of our educational, research, and extracurricular activities and making progress on resource conservation, saving energy, and recycling.
  3. Striving to communicate broadly to the world at large the results of our engagement with the local community, through collection of knowledge that can help protect the environment and training human resources to contribute to environmental protection.

October 2009