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Mission and objectives

With the concerted efforts of five faculties and several graduate schools, junior colleges, and research institutes, the University of Shizuoka managed by the Shizuoka Prefectural University Corporation conducts educational research activities to establish itself as a “valuable university in which local citizens take pride.”


To strive for assiduous development

To promote excellence in education and high-level academic research

To maintain a learning environment centered on a high quality of academic life

To establish management structures that enhance its value

To be open to citizens as it collaborates with local communities


Based on its mission statements, the University of Shizuoka will establish the following objectives in education, research, contribution to the community, and international exchange.


Students are our first priority. We will raise the quality of academic life for students, and provide a superior and detail-oriented education. By doing so, we will nurture promising human resources who contribute to society.


We pride ourselves on being the highest educational institution in Shizuoka Prefecture. We will promote research rich in creativity, academic value, and international competitiveness.

Contribution to the community

We will respond to citizens’ demands, work with the local government and business community, and share our excellence in education and research with local communities.

International exchange

We will actively accept international students, while also disseminating information to the world. By doing so, we will serve as the driving force of international exchange in Shizuoka Prefecture.
To achieve this objective, the University of Shizuoka has established a management system for optimum utilization of its academic and human resources.

Created on July 26, 2007