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Important dates

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Annual schedule 2023

Annual schedule from April 2023 to March 2024.
April 4th・5th・6th Guidance for New Students / Guidance for International Students
Guidance for Curriculum Design
Guidance for Career Development
Periodic Health Checkup ( 4th - 8th )
7th Entrance Ceremony
10th First Term starts
15th Welcome Party for New Students held by New Students Welcome Committee
20th University Foundation Event
July 24th - Aug. 5th First Term Examination
August 7th - 10th Open Campus
15th - Sep. 15th Summer Break
September 16th - 30th Intensive Courses
To be announced Fall Graduation Ceremony
30th First Term ends
October 1st Second Term starts
Fall Entrance Ceremony
28th - 29th Tsurugisai (School Festival)
November Middle of the month Emergency Drill
December Around December Cultural Exchange Party
25th - 28th Intensive Courses
29th - Jan. 5th Winter Break starts
January 5th Winter Break ends
13th - 14th National Center Test for University Admissions (No Classes)
February 1st - 14th Second Term Examination
March 15th, 26th - 27th Register for University
Let's KENDAI (New Life Support Fair)
19th Graduation Ceremony
21st Spring Break starts
31st Second Term ends

Events scheduled for overseas students

Listed below are exchange programs and events that will take place during the school year.
The University would like you to get used to your University life as soon as possible. We would also like to allow time for you to get to know the President of our University and all other faculty and staff members so that you can enjoy and have an enriching campus life during your stay here.
Please participate in these programs and have fun.

(1) Events held by the University

There will be events such as the University festival (the Tsurugi-sai),sport festivals and a welcome party for new students.

(2) Exchange programs with the community

Every year our University is requested by the community to hold some exchange programs,which is an essential part of your overseas studies. These programs will be posted on the “Web Service system” and the bulletin board so please take note of them and participate in these programs.

(3) Events held by the International Friendship Association

Our University has an International Friendship Club called “IFC”. This club makes plans for you to participate in the University’s activities such as the University festival and also plans trips, sports, arrties with ethnic foods and other events.

(4) Main events scheduled for the year

April Welcome party for new students
Guidance for new overseas students
University’s foundation day
May Welcome party by the International Friendship Club
Spring festival and sports festival
September Trip held by IFC
October International cultural exchange party
sports festival
University festival (Tsurugi-sai)
November Sports festival held by IFC

University festival: Tsurugi-Sai

"Tsurugi-Sai" university festival is held in autumn.
Come and join our festival!

University festival

University festival