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Before returning to your home country

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Dispatch of research materials

AIEJ will dispatch the necessary research information (professional journals, research bulletins, etc. published in Japan) to former overseas students who graduate from Japanese higher educational institutions, for up to two years after returning to their home countries covering expenses of up to 20,000 yen (postage excluded). Students must apply within six months after graduation.

For details, please contact the students staffs.


Please make use of the check list on the following page so that the return to your country will go smoothly.

Check list before leaving Japan

One month before leaving your apartment…
  • Have you contacted your guarantor?
  • Which day and what time are you moving?
  • Will the landlord be present at the time of moving?
  • Have you paid all your bills?
  • Will the cost of cleaning your room be deducted from the security deposit?
  • When and how will your security deposit be adjusted and reimbursed?
  • What will do with your belongings?
  • Are there any belongings you will send home? If yes, you should send it from the post office or contact a moving company.
  • If you have anything that you will leave for your friends, you should decide whether they will pick it up, or will send it.

One week before leaving your apartment…
  • Return your National Health Insurance Certificate to the government office where you live.
  • Close your bank/post office accounts.
  • If you subscribe to any newspapers contact the shop and settle your debts.
  • Pay off any debts to your friends.
  • Clean up your room. You must not leave any of your belonging or garbage behind, except for the furniture that was already there.
  • What should be done with the postal materials received after your departure?
  • If you want them sent to you, you should have them transferred to a friend’s house. This can be done through your nearest post office. Don’t forget to leave enough money for postage with your friend.
  • Don’t forget to say good-bye to your professors and the University staff. Also please let the University know your home address in writing.

When you leave the apartment…
  • Ask your landlord and guarantor to be present when you leave the apartment house to avoid any troubles or misunderstandings.
  • Make sure to lock up the room when you leave and hand the keys to your landlord.

When leaving Japan…
Surrender your Alien Registration Card to the Immigration Office at your port of departure from Japan.