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Extending period of stay

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Renewal of residence

Period of status of residence is one or two year. If you want to extend the period, you must renew the period until day of expiration at the immigration office. You can apply for that for two months before the day of expriration.

Necessary documents to be submitted

  1. Application for Change of Status of Residence (available at the immigration office)
  2. A student registration certificate (issued by the Student Staffs)
  3. A result certificate (issued by the Academic Staffs)
  4. A cost payment certificate
  5. Revenue stamp for 4,000yen (You must buy it beforehand.)
  6. Passport (only showing)
  7. Alien Registration Card (only showing)
※ Other documents may be required at the time of application.

Leaving Japan temporarily and re-entry

If you wish to leave Japan temporarily and re-enter, for example during summer , winter vacations, you must get a permit from the immigration office before your departure. Without this permit, you will have to re-apply for a visa in order to re-enter Japan, which will take about the same time as your first entry to Japan. You can purchase a “single” or “multiple” re-entry permit.

Necessary documents to be submitted

  1. Application for re-entry permit (available at the immigration office)
  2. Revenue stamp for 3,000yen / single, 6,000yen , multiple (You must buy it beforehand)
  3. Passport (only showing)
  4. Alien Registration card (only showing)
※In case of going abroad like leaving Japan temporarily, please submit “report of going abroad” to the Student Staffs before leaving Japan.
※Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau Shizuoka Branch
6F Ichinose Center building 9-4 Tenma-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City (〒420-0858) Tel:054-653-5571

Procedure at a municipal office

A. Those who have come to Japan for the first time

Those who have received a resident card at a port of entry/departure (*) are asked to visit the municipal office where they live with their resident card, and notify the Ministry of Justice where they live within 14 days of finding a place to settle down.

(*) This includes those in possession of a passport stating "A resident card will be issued later." In such a case, please be sure to bring your passport to your municipality's office and follow the necessary procedures.

B. Those who have moved into a new residence

Those who have changed his/her place of residence are asked to bring his/her resident card to the municipal office of his/her new residence and notify the Ministry of Justice of the new residence within 14 days of moving to the new residence.
Ward office Address Telephone number
The Aoi Ward Office  5-1 Ote-machi, Aoi Ward,Shizuoka City (〒420-8602)  054-221-1061
The Suruga Ward Office 10-40 Minamiyahata-cho,Suruga Ward,Shizuoka City(〒422-8550) 054-287-8611
The Shimizu Ward Office 6-8 Asahi-cho,Shimizu Ward,Shizuoka City (〒424-8701)  054-354-2127