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A Students’ Housing List can be obtained from the Student Staffs for students seeking for apartment houses.
If you change your address while you are a student of this University, please hand in the change of address form to the Academic Staffs, located on the 1st floor of the Administration Building, and also notify the Student Staffs.
(General Information)

Size of room, Monthly rent

6tatami-size 25,000yen ~ 30,000yen
6tatami-size with bath and toilet 30,000yen ~ 50,000yen
One room apartment with bath and toilet 30,000yen ~ 60,000yen
It is customary in Japan to pay a security deposit, key money and commission and also pay the monthly rent in advance. Therefore it may be necessary to pay the equivalent of 4 to 6 months rent in advance.

Type, Amount, Details

Security Deposit(Hoshokin) 1 to 2 times monthly room rate. Security for non-payment of rent and damage to the room. Balance will be refunded after deducting fees when moving out of the room.
Key Money(Kenrikin) 1 to 2 times monthly room rate. Paid to the land lord when renting the room.|Non-refundable.
Commission(Shikikin) Monthly room rate. Paid to the real estate agent as handling commission.

Housing insurance : security for reparation liability program

When you rent an apartment in Japan, you are usually asked for a guarantor on the apartment contract. With this program, the University (dean) will be your guarantor which will make things easier for you and if for example you damage your room because a fire breaks out, insurance will cover a portion of the damages.

Whether you join the program or not is your decision. If you would like to apply for the program please contact the student staffs.


Many cities and towns request garbage to be sorted into burnable and non-burnable garbage and placed in their designated garbage bags. The days and places to put out the garbage is also restricted so please check with your community and follow the rules.