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Message from international students

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LIM MAO SHAN from Malaysia

School of International Relations

Before I came to Japan, I graduated from Two Studio Multimedia Academy, department of graphic design in Malaysia. I worked at a design firm and also as a creative visualizer at a fitness company. Since I was very passionate at learning new languages, after spending a year in the creative industry, I decided to study abroad in Japan and it led me to University of Shizuoka, School of International Relations.

I studied my Japanese at Tokyo for a year before getting into the university and to experience life away from large metropolis, I chose to come to Shizuoka because of the natural attractions and historical spots. Hiking is one of my hobby. During the last summer, I climbed the highest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji with friends in university. It was cold and rainy in the morning but after we crossed through the clouds and reached the top of the mountain, the sun was high in the sky after the long dim and light blue painted through the horizon. The view was breathtaking.
Life in University of Shizuoka has been very enjoyable. When I first came to the university, I was impressed with the beautiful campus. The reason why I chose University of Shizuoka is that they provide international studies which are concerned with the study of cultures, politics, and economics. Other than the studies of global societies and international systems, School of International Relations in University of Shizuoka also offers broad range of foreign languages to undertake compared to other universities. Besides, University of Shizuoka also offers tuition assistance for students which is very financially helpful. In addition to school, I also participate in club activities and volunteers. Through the activities, I learned about the unique culture of Japan and also made a lot of Japanese and foreign friends.

Shizuoka is a city blessed with nature and where culture and industry coexist harmoniously. I am able to see Mt. Fuji almost every day from the university or walking down the streets. Life in at here has been really enriching and there is still a lot to explore.

MITA SAFITRI from Indonesia

School of International Relations

Self Introduction

My name is Mita and I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am 23 years old. Before I came to University of Shizuoka, I studied Japanese in Hamamatsu Japanese Language School for 2 years. I started learning Japanese since high school. I loved learning Japanese even though kanji was very hard to memorize, but it was a challenge for me to try something different. I have 13 siblings and most of them really love Japan too. Right now, one of my sister is working in Shizuoka and also my brother is studying Japanese in Nagoya too.

Thoughts on Life in the University

It was like a dream when I got accepted to study at University of Shizuoka. When I first came here, I was fascinated by the nature and landscape around the university’s building. I recommend studying at University of Shizuoka, because not only you can relax while enjoying the nature, but also this university offers many types of scholarships for foreign students. People here are also kind and open. They will help us if we have problems. I am joining (International Friendship Club) one of clubs at this university. There are many events that we can join like, BBQ, bus tour, International exchange party, Christmas party and so on. I made a lot of Japanese friends and also foreign friends from other countries too. My favorite place at university is library’s 3rd floor. On that floor not only we can study there alone, but also we can have a group discussion. We can chitchat with friends, and the most thing I like about the study area is we can see beautiful mount Fuji clearly and feel like we are right the next on mount Fuji. And the last but not least I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to study at University of Shizuoka.