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Health care

A healthy body is an important factor for leading a fulfilling overseas life.
Overseas students should take care since you are living in a place you are not accustomed to.
Whenever you do not feel well, do not hesitate to go to the healthcare room and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Healthcare room

Mon. ‐ Thur. 10:00 - 17:00 / Fri. 10:00 - 16:00

The healthcare room is located on the first floor of the Habataki Building where you can receive health consultations, get physical check-ups and first aid treatment. Health consultations and treatments for sickness and injuries are free of charge so please take advantage of them.

Healthcare support center –health promotion room-

Mon. - Thur. 9:00 - 16:00 / Fri. 9:00 - 15:00

The healthcare Support Center is located on the first floor of General Education Building where you can do light exercise. The center holds health-rerated lecture regularly.

Healthcare support center –counseling room-

Mon. ‐ Fri. 10:00-17:00

For those who are fluent in Japanese, there is also university’s counseling room. The counseling room is located on the first floor of General Education Building. Students can come to seek counsel on issues such as relationships, and the daily life matters. When in trouble, students are advised to ask for help instead of worrying about their problems alone.

Health checkup

The University offers an annual health checkup in April every year. The schedule is posted on “Web Service System”. All students must take this annual university health checkup. Without this checkup, students cannot receive university health certifications that may be required for scholarship applications and entrance examinations.

National health insurance

The National Health Insurance lessens the burden of the medical costs whenever you are sick or injured.
All overseas students intending to stay in Japan for more than 3 months are required by law to join the National Health Insurance Program. Applications for this program should be submitted to the National Health Insurance Section at the city or town hall where you reside.
By joining the National Health Insurance Program an insurance certificate will be issued.
If this certificate is shown at the reception of the medical institution, the amount to be paid should be 30% of the total medical expense. (There are cases where this may not apply.)
Ward office Address Telephone number
The Aoi ward office  5-1 Ote-machi, Aoi ward, Shizuoka City (〒420-8602)  054-221-1070
The Suruga ward office 10-40 Minamiyahata-cho, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka City(〒422-8550) 054-287-8621
The Shimizu ward office 6-8 Asahi-cho,Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City (〒424-8701)  054-354-2141

Student insurance

This insurance covers students for any injuries that may occur during any academic or social programs at the University or on their way to and from the University.
The insurance premium will be collected at the time you enter the University.
For further details, please see the students handbook or ask the student staff.

Food|Eating properly is a necessity for maintaining your health during your stay.

When you live alone you tend to neglect your meals but this eating habit can adversely affect your health. Please try to eat balanced meals.