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School of International Relations

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About the School of International Relations

The challenges and opportunities in our increasingly connected world require that people have both a global vision and an ability for regional action.
The School of International Relations is one of the oldest and best regarded programs in Japan. Professors in the Department of International Relations are highly specialized in the fields of supra-regional studies, and professors in the Department of International Languages and Cultures are experts of the study of diverse regions, societies and languages.
Students in both Departments must be active in gaining insights into regions and have numerous opportunities for overseas research and fieldwork. Students are encouraged to master theoretical and practical issues in the classroom in order to make appropriate decisions in the real world.
Students are required to comprehend the ever-changing state of affairs in Asia, the United States, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania. Students must study both the humanities and the social sciences in order to develop their multidisciplinary and multifaceted thinking. Small classes and intensive seminars ensure that our professors can help students discover and deepen their interests and abilities. We maintain active relationships with prestigious universities around the world to enable our students to study abroad and to deepen their understanding of international problems and prospects.

Department of International Relations

The international community is increasingly borderless and diverse. The 21st century is an era of understanding and cooperating with people whose nations, cultures, natural environments, and histories are very different from our own.

Students and professors in this Department approach and analyze aspects of international relations from the viewpoints of political science, economics, and law as well as sociology, social psychology, and cultural anthropology.
The International Relations Department has created three programs to meet students’ career choices and interests.

  • International Public Policy
  • International Development
  • Symbiotic Society

Department of International Languages and Cultures

Students and professors in this Department explore and apply the language, philosophy, and history of the world’s major regions to promote mutual international understanding. For us, language is a communication tool and culture is inseparable from language.
By examining language and culture from an international perspective, we cultivate the ability to collaborate with people from many nations and societies.

  • Global Communication
  • Comparative Culture
  • Japanese Culture
  • Asian Culture
  • European Culture