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Graduate School of Nursing

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Subject title 2018

Advanced Pharmacological Medicine  病態薬学特論
Advanced Study in Health System  保健・医療システム学特論
Advanced Study in Management and Organization 経営組織論特論
Advanced Topics in Clinical Nutrition  臨床栄養学特論
Advanced Topics in Environmental Health Science 環境影響特論
Advanced Topics in Microbiology  微生物学特論
Experimental Research in Health System  保健・医療システム学応用実習
Home health Care Nursing  在宅看護論
Nursing and Medical Law  看護と医事法
Nursing Theory  看護理論
Pathophysiology  病態生理学
Political Issues in Nursing  看護政策論
Reading English Scientific Articles  英文科学論文講読
Seminar in Community Health Nursing  地域看護学演習
Seminar in Pediatric Nursing I  小児看護学演習Ⅰ
Seminar in Pediatric Nursing II  小児看護学演習Ⅱ
Seminar in Pediatric Nursing III  小児看護学演習Ⅲ
Seminar in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Ⅰ 精神看護学演習I
Seminar in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Ⅱ 精神看護学演習Ⅱ
Seminar in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Ⅲ 精神看護学演習Ⅲ
Special Seminar in Health System  保健・医療システム学演習
Special Study in Health System  保健・医療システム学特別研究
Studies in Contemporary Society Ⅰ  現代社会研究Ⅰ
Studies in Infectious Disease Nursing  感染看護論
Theories and Issues of Nursing Education  看護教育論
Theory and Issues in Family Nursing  家族看護論