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School of Nursing

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Subject title 2021

Adult Nursing Ⅱ  成人看護学Ⅱ
Advanced Version of Seminar in Nursing assessment  看護アセスメント演習アドバンス
Anatomy and Physiology Ⅰ  機能形態学Ⅰ
Anatomy and Physiology Ⅱ  機能形態学Ⅱ
Behavioral Health Science  健康行動論
Biological Chemistry  生物化学
Clinical Psychology  臨床心理学
Clinical Nutrition  臨床栄養学
Clinical Pathology  病態学
Clinical Pharmacology  臨床薬理学
Community-based Family Nursing  地域家族支援論
Community-based integrated care  地域包括ケア
Current Issures in Nursing Society  最新看護の動向
English Communication I  英語コミュニケーションⅠ
English Communication Ⅱ 英語コミュニケーションⅡ
Environmental Health Sciences  健康環境論
Epidemiology  疫学
Ethics in Nursing  看護と倫理
Freshman English I  フレッシュマンイングリッシュⅠ
Freshman English II  フレッシュマンイングリッシュⅡ
Freshman English III  フレッシュマンイングリッシュⅢ
Freshman English IV  フレッシュマンイングリッシュⅣ
Gerontological Nursing  老年看護援助論
Global Health and Disaster Nursing  国際保健・災害看護論
Global Health Nursing  国際看護論
Graduation Study  卒業研究
Graduation Study A  卒業研究A
Graduation Study B  卒業研究B
Health and Welfare Services  保健福祉行政論
Health Promotion  ヘルスプロモーション
Health Science Lab Fundamentals  基礎健康科学演習
Health Statistics  保健医療統計学
Home health Care Nursing  在宅看護学
Human Relations  人間関係論
Introduction to Acute Care Nursing  急性期看護学概論
Introduction to Chronic Care Nursing  慢性看護学概論
Introduction to Gerontological Nursing  老年看護学概論
Introduction to Home Health Care Nursing  在宅看護学概論
Introduction to Nursing Research  看護研究
Introduction to Pediatric Nursing  小児看護学概論
Introduction to Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing  精神看護学概論
Introduction to Public Health Nursing  公衆衛生看護学概論
Introduction to Women’s Health and Maternal Nursing  母性看護学概論
Maternal and Newborn Nursing Ⅰ  母性看護援助論Ⅰ
Maternal and Newborn Nursing Ⅱ  母性看護援助論Ⅱ
Maternal Nursing Ⅱ  母性看護学Ⅱ
Maternity Nursing  母性看護学実習
Medical and Nursing Economics  医療・看護経済論
Microbiology  微生物学
Nursing Administration  看護管理論
Nursing Carrier Design  看護キャリアデザイン論
Nursing Communication Bedside Teaching  看護コミュニケーション実習
Nursing Communication Simulated Practice  看護コミュニケーション演習
Nursing Science Basic Principle  看護学原論
Offshore Seminar in English  海外英語研修
Pathological Symptoms  症候論
Pedagogy  教育学
Pediatric Nursing  小児看護学
Physiology of Exercise and Health  運動と健康の生理学
Political Issues in Nursing  看護政策論
Practice in Acute Care Nursing  急性期看護学実習
Practice in Adult Nursing I  成人看護学実習Ⅰ
Practice in Adult Nursing Ⅱ  成人看護学実習Ⅱ
Practice in Adult Nursing III  成人看護学実習Ⅲ
Practice in Chronic Care Nursing  慢性看護学実習
Practice in Fundamental of Public Health Nursing Health Nursing  公衆衛生看護基礎実習
Practice in Gerontological Nursing Ⅰ  老年看護学実習Ⅰ
Practice in Gerontological Nursing Ⅱ  老年看護学実習Ⅱ
Practice in Home health Care Nursing  在宅看護学実習
Practice in International Health and Nursing  国際保健・看護実習
Practice in Maternal and Newborn Nursing  母性看護学実習
Practice in Nursing Assessment  看護アセスメント実習
Practice in Nursing Focus  発展看護実習
Practice in Nursing Focus Ⅰ  発展看護実習Ⅰ
Practice in Nursing Focus Ⅱ  発展看護実習Ⅱ
Practice in Pediatric Nursing  小児看護学実習
Practice in Psychiatric and Mental Health  精神看護学実習
Practice in Public Health Nursing I  公衆衛生看護学実習Ⅰ
Practice in Public Health Nursing II  公衆衛生看護学実習Ⅱ
Practice in Public Health NursingⅠ  公衆衛生看護学実習Ⅰ
Practice in Public Health Nusing Ⅱ  公衆衛生看護学実習Ⅱ
Practice of Basic Nursing SkillsⅠ  基礎看護技術演習Ⅰ
Practice of Basic Nursing Skills Ⅱ  基礎看護技術演習Ⅱ
Practice of Simulation and Evidence- based Nursing  臨床シミュレーションEBN実習
Practicum in Global Health Nursing  国際保健・看護実習
Psychiatric and Menatal Health Nursing  精神看護援助論
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing  精神看護学
Public Health  公衆衛生学
Public Health Nursing Activities Ⅰ  公衆衛生看護活動論Ⅰ
Public Health Nursing Activities Ⅱ  公衆衛生看護活動論Ⅱ
Public Health Nursing Administration  公衆衛生看護管理論
Public Health Nursing Methodology  公衆衛生看護方法論
Seminar in Acute Care Nursing  急性期看護援助論演習
Seminar in Adult Nursing  成人看護学演習
Seminar in Chronic Care Nursing  慢性看護援助論演習
Seminar in Disaster Nursing  災害看護セミナー
Seminar in Fundamental Science I  基礎セミナーⅠ
Seminar in Fundamental Science II  基礎セミナーⅡ
Seminar in Gerontological Nursing  老年看護学演習
Seminar in Global Health Nursing  国際保健・看護演習
Seminar in Home health Care Nursing  在宅看護学演習
Seminar in Information Prosessing  情報処理演習
Seminar in Integrated Nursing II 看護統合セミナーⅡチーム医療
Seminar in International Health and Nursing  国際保健・看護演習
Seminar in Maternal Nursing  母性看護学演習
Seminar in Nursing assessment  看護アセスメント演習
Seminar in Pediatric Nursing  小児看護学演習
Seminar in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing  精神看護学演習
Seminar in Public Health Nursing  公衆衛生看護学演習
Sports Science  身体運動科学
Terminal Care  ターミナルケア
The Constitution of Japan  日本国憲法
Theories and Issues of Nursing Education  看護教育論
Theories and Issues of Social Welfare  社会福祉論
Theory of Basic Nursing SkillsⅠ  基礎看護技術論Ⅰ
Theory of Basic Nursing Skills Ⅱ  基礎看護技術論Ⅱ